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camping and facilities


camping & facilities


Do It Ourselves Fest is held at Camp Krem, 102 Brook Lane, Boulder Creek, California 95006 (see map)... one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we love keeping it that way. Camping at DIO Fest is on a first come first serve basis. There are no designated camping spots, but rather an open forest and mountain top for us all to share. We ask that everyone make space for their neighbors and respect each other as fellow creators.

After you ride the shuttle and check in at the box office, DIO Fest staff will be happy to help you find a camping spot. If you are seeking the family camping area, please let them know at the box office as you receive your wristband.

DIO Fest 2014 Map (1).jpg

Follow the Golden Rule

We're all sharing the space together, please follow the golden rule - be mindful of how much space you take up and how loud you are at night. That said, this is a music festival so expect folks to be jamming, dancing, and listening to music all over the grounds at most hours.

backpacker's camp

There’s a number of feral camping spots further out on the trails from the festival grounds. If you'd like to camp a little further away from the main sites, bring a pack and ask a DIO Fest staff member to direct you to the backpacker's trails. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the backpackers camping spots before the festival as well.


Camp Krem has the amenities you'd find at a full-service summer camp, including: potable water, running toilets, a swimming pool and an auditorium.

Alternate Accommodations

There are several other hotels and campgrounds in and around Boulder Creek. If you choose to stay in one of them, you can simply arrive to our shuttle location in the morning, hop on our free shuttle, and catch a ride up to the festival!

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