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Emily Meehan


Emily Meehan

Steven Stubblefield

Here we have Emily Meehan. She’s a hard working, fun loving human being. Give her a wall, some paper, a surfboard - anything to create on - and she’ll open you up to her world of color and radness. You’ll know her by the t-shirt designs and awesome signs she’s designed and created for DIO fest. She’s got a website showcasing all of her creations, where you can witness Emily doing it herself, at

What keeps you coming back to DIO?

The fact that I get to express my inner sign-painter/be mega creative publicly with nothing but encouragement from my homies…oh, and having all the homies in one place

What’s a funny moment from a past event?

I remember fondly sitting on a recliner chair in the musician’s lounge and a high-spirited Devon coming over to sit on my lap like I was Santa Claus. He then shoved carrot cake into my mouth and gave me $20 for a painting of mine that he had somehow acquired about a year prior.

How do you keep the stoke alive for your art and creative endeavors throughout the year?

I employ a very DIO attitude on the daily as an artist/designer. Making/drawing/crafting/being-your-own-boss helps encourage a super independent work-ethic

Do you have a metaphor or haiku you’d like to recite that sums up DIO fest?

Misty mountain range
as the sun comes slowly up
Jeff Wilson was there

…now that folks, is a beautiful haiku.