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Kyle Sanders


Kyle Sanders

Steven Stubblefield

Here we have Kyle Sanders, an inspirational human following his heart and making the world a more beautiful place one brush stroke at a time. He’s also known to let wisdom slip out from between his lips from time to time, which is what happened during this interview. Read on, right on. 

What get’s you inspired to create?

I find inspiration in everything. It’s what you’re searching for that drives you to create, so the more beauty you can find and the more you want to give back into the beauty of the world the better. I can never pinpoint it. I think just trying to stay dedicated to creating is the challenge.

I try to remind myself that the only way to see any success or progression in whatever you’re doing is to stay dedicated to it.  Keep making mistakes so you can learn from them.

Are events like Do It Ourselves Fest important for the arts?

Absolutely. What better way to experience art and creativity than to joyously share it and celebrate it with others? That’s the greatest stuff, ever! I don’t see any other reason to make things. Too many times appreciation for art is very third person or unobserved. So it’s really awesome to experience the joy with others. And to also facilitate it, to have an opportunity to work hard and have a great time.

How is painting something live different than your usual process?

It differentiates in that I have a time period where I’m really trying to get something done. I really like to think that it’s possible to start and finish something in the period of a few sets of music. Last year I worked on a mural for five hours.

I used to be distracted by people watching me work, but I’ve focused on getting used to it. Being able to work and create under any condition. So I would say the time limit is the biggest challenge for me.

It’s challenging being on the spot, not wanting to slip up. However, most importantly wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to create something and give it to people.

Favorite thing about DIO?

All of you! That’s my absolute favorite thing about DIO fest. Being able to share it with the family I’ve grown to love and care about. And every year the family grows. That was one of my favorite things about it when we started. We quickly learned that within one or two degrees of separation you know this person.

And if you don’t know them all ready know them there’s probably a reason that they’re here and that you should know them. So don’t be afraid, introduce yourself!

Good people find and attract good people. The other fun thing is that everyone at the festival brings something to the table. Everyone is capable of being a part of it, even if it’s hauling cans at 8 in the morning to keep the space clean.

Funny story?

Lucas crowd surfing at Dan P and the Bricks and me not being surprised.

Advice for what to bring/how to act?

My best advice to any new community you’re going into, is to just send it. Be a part of it, put your back into it and do what you can to enjoy it, share it, and help out. Any where a person does that in life, you’re going to have a far more enriching experience and way more stories to tell than if you just let things happen to yourself.