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Lucas Elmer


Lucas Elmer

Steven Stubblefield

Lucas Elmer is one of the many creative minds that helps make Do It Ourselves Fest what it is. Whether in a foundry, wood shop, or riding on a wave you’re certain to find Lucas creating something unique and enjoyable to experience. 

Explain the booth you set up last year at DIO.

The booth that I run is a live printing of an image that I’ve designed for the festival and the philosophies behind the festival. I do silk screen printing on shirts for people at the event.

Why is art important for the world?

For the same reason that flowers and waves are important for the world! So that we can stop and appreciate beautiful creation. Whether it is made by nature or man, beautiful things help people enjoy themselves and life.

What does an event like DIO do for our culture?

It helps us remember what music appreciation is supposed to look and feel like. It brings it back to the roots of playing music for each other. Many of the more popular festivals have gone too big and corporate. There is basically too much. Too many vendors, people, rockstars and egos involved. It gets complicated and watered down because of that.

So to have a smaller event with more local musicians that is put on by friends with local craftsmen and women. I think it keeps it pure to the essence of why we go to these type of events in the first place.

When you’re not creating, you’re…

Surfing or working

Favorite medium?

I guess I would say printmaking because you can turn your image into multiple originals

Advice to a fresh DIO fest attendee?

Come with an open mind, a good attitude and pack light. Be prepared for anything!

What do you do to create a world of your own design?

I try to perpetuate a culture of old time aesthetics and craftsman techniques. By paying homage to these old school techniques I think I’m helping perpetuate the authenticity and tradition of handmade culture.

Sort of keeping the history of creative American culture current. Making sure certain techniques stay relevant as apposed to giving in to the digital minute-by-minute consumerism of today. Keeping certain things alive that will stick around for our lifetime if not longer.