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Martin Foltz


Martin Foltz

Steven Stubblefield

This here is Martin Foltz, most of the time he goes by Marty. You’ll see him walking about the fest looking relaxed, while secretly the wheels are turning in his head. He’s the guy that makes sure all the running around that has to be done to make things work is happening smoothly. When he’s not at DIO you can find him somewhere along the Central California coast, either in the water or up a mountain. Read on…

Do It Ourselves in your own words?

Do it Ourselves means doing things yourself… together… with us… so you don’t get lonely.

What keeps you coming back?

What keeps me coming back is the killer tuneage, brah.

Favorite story?

I did my introduction on DIO fest eve to the crew and musicians who were there for set-up.  I explained that my responsibility was getting people from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill.

Kendra thought I was making deep metaphors, but that was just my actual responsibility.  Also many un-tellable tales.

Funny moment from last year?

Lucas Elmer smiling, dancing, and eating fried chicken at 2AM.  I still don’t know where he got that fried chicken.

What keeps you going throughout the year?

Just keep on keepin’ on.  Maybe catch a wave or two.  And keep looking forward to April!

What bands are you excited to see this year?

I’m always looking forward to whatever project Jeff Wilson brings to the fest.  This year it’s Flood and the Bounty and I think he’s playing with McCoy Tyler, but I know more than some of us are hoping for a little North Pacific String Band reunion 😉

Do you have a metaphor you’d like to recite that embodies DIO fest?

My job this year is getting people from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain… metaphorically.

What do you want to see at DIO this year?

Definitely want to catch Marty O’Reilly‘s  set, but if this year is anything like the last two I’ll be stoked on artists I’ve never seen or heard before.  I hope the rock, paper, scissors tourney is happening again as well!