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Tony Mills


Tony Mills

Steven Stubblefield

Here we have Tony Mills. In the photo above you’ll see Tony has on a cargo vest. This is no ordinary piece of clothing. It’s more a super hero utility vest. Tony uses his powers of face paint supplies, peanuts and sunshine to create a world of creativity and positive interactions with anyone and everyone. Follow him on instagram, @monytillsart for a window into this world.

Do It Ourselves in your own words?

Do it ourselves means taking control of the things that bring joy to yourself and others, and to be able to share it in a way that brings joy to others. In our case it happens to be awesome things like music, art, food, and camping in the woods.

What keeps you coming back?

The homies and the music.

Favorite story from last year?

This girl came up to me and demanded that I paint her face. This would usually not be any trouble at all, a few throws of the brush and voila, face paint perfection.

But at this particular moment I was finishing up from about an hour straight of painting warrior-psych florescent orange blue and white tribal faces on all of my homies’ faces, hurrying to put all the paint away because I had just been called off for some random festival duty. The girl was beautiful and I was wishing I had time, so I told her to find me later and I would for sure paint her up.

I forgot about the entire situation. Later on in the evening, groovy times being had by all, I found myself dancing with the Blackener and his queen beside the mainstage during Dan P and the Bricks, (two people I am lucky enough to have grown up with and am still great friends with) and again, the grooviest times being had by all. A slight tap on my shoulder gets my attention enough to stop dancing and I turn around.

She was back, and again demanding for her face to be painted. Luckily my trusty festi-vest has enough pockets for me to comfortably store all essential festival supplies at once, the florescent face paint being one of those supplies, I quickly located and whipped out the baggie containing the paints.

Just as I pull out the paints, I feel I strong shove from who else, the Queen Blackener, and I am thrown into the arms of this beautiful girl I have never met. It turns out that the two are good friends, and with a hasty introduction and some more shoving by the Queen Blackener, all the sudden she is sitting on my lap and I am meeting one of the most important people in my life.

This girl, Jaimesly, would soon be the one to teach me a new form of life that I did not know existed. We spent the rest of the night dancing, drinking, and whimsy-ing our way in and out of the bon fire circle and laughing with close friends new and old.

Funny moment from last year?

Baby Simms in the sleeping bag jacket.

How do you keep a DIO attitude throughout the year?

I keep a do it ourselves attitude by spending as little money as I can from day to day, while growing as much food as I can and spreading as much art and music as I can. Also trying to involve friends homies and acquaintances and get them together whenever possible.

Do you have a metaphor or haiku you’d like to recite that embodies DIO fest?

Metaphors are like farts, you usually only notice the ones that stink.