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Zack Suhadolnik


Zack Suhadolnik

Steven Stubblefield

Zack Suhadolnik is one stylish human being. It permeates through everything he does and everything he creates. Be it the lines he draws on a wave or the lines on a piece of paper. When experiencing some of Zack’s work you’re guaranteed a flowing, aesthetically pleasing experience. Read on, right on…

What inspires you inspires to create?

I was born this way…I have issues. It’s something that comes naturally and I’ve been drawing and painting for a long time. Some sort of internal fire.

Are events like DIO fest important for art?

Yes, because collaboration is a huge part of creating. Drawing inspiration from other people and what they’re doing is really important. An event like Do It Ourselves Fest is a great place for everyone to share what they’re creating together!

What role do you play in making “do it ourselves fest” what it is?

I help with graphic design and the marketing side of the festival. Trying to build the voice and the brand of D-I-O. I also was in charge of the design on the cups that everyone will receive. They’re great to have for camping, the cups help reduce waste and it helps to maintain that D I O spirit throughout the year!

What is your medium do you prefer to create in?

My favorite is working with paint. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of digital stuff which has been really cool. The capabilities are endless.

Favorite thing about DIO?

Getting to see all my friends that I don’t get to see that often. Positive vibes, and the music is amazing. For me it’s all about the community up there.