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Zotique Morin


Zotique Morin

Steven Stubblefield

Zotique Morin is a super genius in the guise of a surf stoked, sun soaked, professional chiller. He’s currently studying to become an aerospace engineer. When his nose isn’t in a book and his feet aren’t in the water you can usually find him strolling around somewhere with a smile on his face. If you run into him at DIO make sure to give a hello.

What does Do It Ourselves mean to you in your own words?

Do It Ourselves represents a cultural and social movement in business. Our festival is a successful model of a profitable idea that was started entirely by grassroots level organizers. The grassroots level organizers were able to create a viable festival by utilizing word of mouth and social media to sell out the event.

This business model represents a cultural movement by demonstrating that well established music festival entrepreneurs are not a necessity for organizing a successful event. This grassroots model, which avoids the costly services of well-established entrepreneurs, can be applied to the bands and vendors aspirations at DIO fest, outside of DIO fest and also to any business, band, vendor or attention worthy idea.

This is a cultural movement because it shows that successful businesses can transcend the necessity formal training, in university, marketing etc., by captivating an audience with a worthy cause, brand and product.

Favorite story from last year?

 I heard Jeff Wilson got married to a song he wrote.

Funny moment from last year?

 I heard the ladies were having trouble finding single men.

What keeps you going throughout the year?

That’s easy. Each twangin’ string on a mountain top = 45 Megatons of stoke.

Got a metaphor or haiku you’d like to recite to embody DIO fest?

 DIO fest IS the main stoke mine that exports its surplus to fuel the lives of the creatures on Planet Sea.

 What do you want to see at DIO this year?

 Freaks, hippies, sweethearts, artists, vendors and musicians getting all active, however they see fit.