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Gitch'r Portrit Project: DIO Fest 2015


Gitch'r Portrit Project: DIO Fest 2015

Steven Stubblefield

The "Gitch'r Portrit" film photo series from DIO Fest 2015 is FINALLY here!!!! And we're so stoked to report that there are nearly TWICE as many portraits as there were in 2014 (Woohoo!). As we find ourselves nearly smack-dab in between DIO Fest 2015 and DIO Fest 2016, it's great to see all your beautiful, wacky, crazy, cool, intriguing portraits as a reminder of the rad memories and the exciting times to come in the new year. We invite you to reminisce with us - Enjoy & share! We look forward to seeing you soon.

"Hi all! Kelly here. Yes, yes, it's true... The DIO Portraits are now out-and-about in the world! And I'm so so so happy to share them with you all. You know, it's interesting, each year I learn a TON from the experience. Even though I haven't quite got it all figured out, I've certainly (at least) figured out that I sure am one luuuucky photographer. 

It has been such an honor to shoot film at a festival run by my friends & with my friends. And each year I look back on all the rolls and am in awe of the wonderful people that cross paths at DIO Fest. It's also been really interesting to compare this series from the one in 2014... It feels almost like a timeline in photos. Hairdos have changed, lovers have changed, some have moved or gotten new jobs, some came to DIO Fest for the very first time this year. All of it comes together to compose a really great little DIO time capsule that I continually look forward to filling.

That being said, I will most certainly be at DIO Fest next year... Will you??? Also, please come visit me in Big Sur for the upcoming DIO Presents events! I'll be there with my camera in hand, ready guessed it - Gitch'r Portrit!!" Find out more about our beloved film photographer at