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Sparrows Gate


Sparrows Gate

Steven Stubblefield

Sparrows Gate's music is cut from the same cord as John Steinbeck's desolate western landscapes and the humble optimism of his characters hearts. Zebedee Zaitz's lyrics are the deep reflection of small town California during warm nights.  Sparrows Gate is a series of relationships; The guitar and bass rhythm is a product of the brothers' Zeb and Anthony Zaitz relationship and their Florida upbringing. The call and response of the southern guitar licks weave with the range of Joel Tolbert's organ and slide guitar. Tolbert's music is a part of his blood, as three generations have tended to the land and the musical spirit of America's southwest. Drummer Josh Barnhart's steady rhythm, crescendo and fill alternate with melodic vocal harmonies, reflecting the values of an artistic family. Sparrows Gate is a group of musicians linked by the common experience of families heading west early last century to a land of promises and new beginnings.

Zebedee Zaitz Lead Vocal and Guitar
Joel Tolbert Keys & Lap steel Guitar
Anthony Zaitz Electric Bass
Joshua Barnhart Drums
w/ Roger Tompkins Upright Bass
featuring Jersey Paul Dutton Telecaster