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Send it or be Sent! Fitness Training at DIO Fest with Coach and Bacon Bits


Send it or be Sent! Fitness Training at DIO Fest with Coach and Bacon Bits

Steven Stubblefield

SEND IT FITNESS TRAINING w/ Coach and Bacon Bits

Do you have what it takes? Do you have what it takes to send it to the next level? And the level after that? And even one more? Don’t let that precious sendability plateau---- Come find out for yourself and join the Captains of Team Shamo- Nay, Coach and Bacon Bits in their grueling, rigorous morning training.

Now you may be I have what it takes to send it? Damn right you do! Turn down the lameness and turn up the stokedness and you’re already on the team. What team you may ask? The winning team. Now get your game face on and get ready for some serious sending. Dress expecting to sweat, cheer, move, and be moved by the power of our collective send. Gold stars awarded for wigs, monochrome fitness wear, and aggressively short shorts.

Send It or be sent yall.


….Slept in and didn’t send it to Sent It?! Fear not my bleary eyed festie-goer. Team Shamo-Nays doors are always open. Coach and Bacon-Bits will be sending it all day with infinite opportunities to earn yourself a coveted gold star. One chest bump is all it takes to turn lemons into a ripped mongoose with an electric blue mohawk.

……... In other words, it’s never too late to start sending.

…………… .For all you naysayers out there thinking “Pshhhhhh I already know how to send it. I send it all the time!” Consider for a moment that while you may think you’ve been sending it, you actually have no idea the scope of your true send potential. No idea how epic the level of sendability you could reach, if only you started training.

Become a member of Team Shamo-Nay today. No application fees apply, just start yogging, stancing and when in doubt, chest bump it out.



Coach and Bacon bits were born at the base of Mount kilimanjaro on a the night of a full moon, tragically separated at birth. Both raised by elite athletes, most of their formative years were spent at pep rallies, award ceremonies, and endless training sessions. While they grew to love sending it, they always knew there was something more…

...10 years ago on the night of a full moon, Coach and Bacon Bits chest bumped into each other at a foam finger convention. The moment they made contact, gold stars flew. Reunited at last, their sendability increased 10 fold and in that moment, Team Shamo-Nay was born. Ever since have been spreading the stoke. Dedicating their lives to helping people everywhere send it to the next level.