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Annie Girl & the Flight

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Annie Girl & the Flight

Victoria van Skyhawk

At the crossroads of ambiguity, escape, emotion and subtlety you’ll likely find San Francisco based Annie Girl.

Wearing her history on her sonic sleeves with almost haunting and poignant honesty to the point you may have no choice but to fall into the storied tracks like a late night soap.

In a vocal style reminiscent of Hope Sandoval mix in faint echoes of Margo Timmins and lyrical openness of Clara Luzia and a good blend of awe and tactile ‘plot lines’ there is no doubt this is an artist who should and will have your attention.

Annie Girl is backed by The Flight (Josh Pollock – guitar, Nick Ott – drums & Joe Lewis – bass) in what will soon be the new benchmark for indie pop/rock. In an age when music genres are becoming increasingly discombobulated, there is a sense of newness and forwardness in what this group is providing us. In another word, Fresh.