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"A Deserved Blues" by Dan Talamantes - DIO Exclusive Release


"A Deserved Blues" by Dan Talamantes - DIO Exclusive Release

Ryan Baesemann

Dan Talamantes is a slippery son-of-a-gun. One you can't quite seem to sum up, given his propensity to shatter expectation and stereotyping at every opportunity. This track is no different, having a famously understated yet impactful tone, complimented by a dramatically overstated yet modest presentation. The video, produced and directed by the elusive Carlo Diamond, has that signature mysticism his work has been widely recognized for since emerging onto the scene.

Dan's songwriting as a solo artist embraces not only his desires for simplicity, but also recognizes his delicate sensibilities. While this music video portrays a celebrated, ornamentated samurai cowboy, it is a rather hyperbolic representation of the man himself. He's a self-proclaimed snowflake, reserved to the catalogue of his extensive library, yet you can find him outside your local car wash waving a sword in the mist.

Don't believe us? Take a peak below...

See Dan perform with Dan Too at DIO Fest 2018. This is his other band, the second one, alternative to the first Juan, being another iteration of his musically inclined modalities of expression. Their sound has affectionately taken the newly acclaimed genre classification of "yacht rock" -  and they're sure to rock the boat. 

Just a handful of Tier 3 tickets still available, be sure to snag a couple while ya can...

We're going to need loads of help, from vendors to volunteers. If you're interested in lending a hand, please fill out the appropriate form here