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Ryan Baesemann

Headwaters is one of the sole conscious cannabis providers operating in the US. They grow their crops exclusively outdoor, being guided by the tenets of organic and biodynamic agriculture with a entirely pesticide and residual free approach. They are "watershed obsessed" as well as Salmon Safe, by ensuring their irrigation and gray water policies maintain the smallest footprint possible. 

Given the recent legalization of recreational use in CA, among numerous other states, Headwaters is striving to make a postive impact in their community and beyond. They pledge to give back 1% of their proceeds to water-related non-profit organizations, and this year Headwaters will be sponsoring DIO Fest and our media projects in support of music enrichment programs at Camp Krem.

They will have a featured booth presence at the festival, where attendees can participate in a raffle to win Headwaters apparel, as well as learn more about sustainable agriculture. Headwaters is a perfect sponsor of DIO Fest, through utilizing their aptitudes and interests to support causes greater than profit margins or bonus checks.

"We have a fierce sense of responsibility to serve the things that inspired us to start: community, environmental stewardship, and personal well-being. It's these three values that guide us in every business decision, big or small. If a growing method, potential partnership, or possible new hire isn't in line with our North Star, then it's not for us." - Headwaters's mission to give back

Just a handful of Tier 2 tickets still available, be sure to snag a couple while ya can...

We're going to need loads of help, from vendors to volunteers. If you're interested in lending a hand, please fill out the appropriate form here