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Coco Chispa's Handcrafted Pottery


Coco Chispa's Handcrafted Pottery

Ryan Baesemann

Coco Barrett-Tormey is a potter living in Santa Cruz, CA. She's wildly inspired by the landscapes of California's deserts, mountains, and oceans, which translates beautifully into her work. We've known Coco for quite some time and couldn't be more grateful to have had her encouragement and support over the years.

Her pottery never ceases to amaze, even though we all have quite a bit of her collection around our homes. If you're ever wondering where Coco might be, chances are good that she's covered in clay at her studio on the Westside of town.

She'll have a breadth of her portfolio on display for our festival go-ers to check out. Be sure to get a sneak peak in the link below. 

"It is an intimate art making someone’s favorite vessel. When you drink from a mug you love you begin to associate with it as an extension of yourself. A favorite mug can give you a chance to step out of your day, and remind you to slow down and take care of yourself.

This is a similar feeling to being stopped by the beauty of nature. When I witness an epic landscape it brings me to a halt. It forces me to step out of my life and reminds me that there is something bigger than me. It grounds me. My favorite mugs help remind me of the times I’ve lost myself in awe of the world around me." - Coco

Just a handful of Tier 3 tickets still available, be sure to snag a couple while ya can...

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