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Fruit Bats (solo) and Vetiver (solo)


Fruit Bats (solo) and Vetiver (solo)

Steven Stubblefield


Vetiver and Fruit Bats, individually, are two of the more celebrated and accomplished acts in modern folk and indie-rock music.

With national and international cult-like fan bases, these two have produced and performed some of the most compelling and novel indie-music for over a decade, earning them critical acclaim and opportunities to tour with the likes of Fleet Foxes, Devendra Banhart, The Shins, and Wilco.

Almost ten years ago in Arcata, CA, Vetiver’s, Andy Cabic, and Fruit Bats’s, Eric Johnson, met at the suggestion of a mutual friend and quickly developed a long-lasting, symbiotic musical relationship.


If you were to scroll through the archive of live videos or the list of members on their respective albums, you’d find each of these label-mates present on nearly every project they’ve created.   

Again, these two singer-songwriters are fusing their acts into one and taking their double-header on tour.

Armed with two acoustic guitars and an uncanny knack for cunning lyrics and catchy melodies, they will be stopping by DIO Fest to take the stage late Saturday.

Vetiver and Fruit Bats helped influence and pioneer the indie-rock genre and modern-folk style of music heralded in the DIO Fest artist and audience community.

We are honored and relishing in the opportunity to experience their music while also applauding their commitment to maintaining integrity in musical creation through perseverance, self-determination, and originality.   

- Dan Talamantes