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2017 Poster Art! Just a few days left for presale pricing...


2017 Poster Art! Just a few days left for presale pricing...

Steven Stubblefield

What's up everyone! So psyched that DIO is so close yet again... thanks so much for being a party of it all haha... here are two critical announcements... cannot wait to see you so soon...

Presale is happening till March 1st!

Whether it's you or whoever you'd love to see at DIO this year, let em know :) ... save $25 off the 3 day pass if people buy it on presale (

Volunteer, vendor, project application is on website!

Even if you're a super core homie it's still really helpful to have you officially drop your name in the hat so we can keep peoples info organized. It's nice to have folks fill it out so we can get as many cool things going as possible.. thanks in advance.. find it at

Hell yeah. Thanks so much. Please send messages, emails, call em up, post to insta, what have you and help make this big push for March 1 if you're able to contribute a few minutes. Super appreciated.

More updates on the #doitourselves front...

Thanks everyone so stoked to see you soon. Look for more and also lots of posts going up moving forward, don't hesitate to share as usual. There are always lots of good photos on the website and facebook to grab and share too. Other stuff...

  • There's a DIO spotify playlist now... here's the link...
  • Artists will start promoting to their audiences soon,, look for more artist profiles to get posted soon and don't hesitate to share
  • Anybody know of a legit coffee vendor? We're trying to find someone to fill the coffee booth vibes for us this year.

Hell yeah... basically we just need to spread the word to all the cool people we'd love to see with us this year,, thanks for all that you do.. :)