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Mr. Bonafide Keyani in the Trenches


Mr. Bonafide Keyani in the Trenches

Ryan Baesemann

Tommy G's set got the mojo flowing... Photo: Shawheen Keyani

Tommy G's set got the mojo flowing... Photo: Shawheen Keyani

Shawheen first came to us from the land of the trailer park at UCSC. Always with a boisterous eye and a boyish charm, the lad quickly emerged as one of the most inspiring and down-right humbling human beings we'd yet to meet. Though Shawheen knew of DIO Fest and most of the crew that assembles on the mountain each year, he'd yet to attend...

Well, this year we put an end to his absence and he brought the flair to match...

So when we were able to pull him away from heavy-duty set production life, being a starving/thriving creative in Los Angeles, to come hangout at Camp Krem for a weekend, he showed up with a vengence. Of the ~48 hours he spent at DIO Fest, Shawheen shot nearly 8,000 unique stills (along with a super sneaky roll of Super8... more on that later). Do yourself and your neighbor a favor by giving his shots a peak in the link above...

We couldn't be happier with how each one of these shots came out. Shawheen's only direction was to "get in the trenches" and capture the moments most people wouldn't. Safe to say, he did just that. So take a peak through his album. You're quite likely to find a candid capture of yourself and a friend, in a moment you previously believed to be entirely your own. The love and community celebrated in this images will be with us for years to come. 

The DIO Fam has tremendous appreciation and unabashed love for Shawheen and his craft. Looking forward to what he cooks up at DIO Fest 2019...

See more of Shawheen's photos and art on Instagram @shawheenkeyani 

Peace & Love - Circa 93 - ∞

Peace & Love - Circa 93 - ∞