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Sugar Candy Mountain, Arthur Watership, & Madeline Tasquin and Sarabande - Artist Spotlight


Sugar Candy Mountain, Arthur Watership, & Madeline Tasquin and Sarabande - Artist Spotlight

Ryan Baesemann

Sugar Candy Mountain

If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips, it would sound like this... all psycadelic pop Wall-of-Sound and beach ballandry blues.

Sugar Candy Mountain deliver carefully built psychedelic odes in the style of Jacco Gardner and Tame Impala. Their newest album 666 feels like something unearthed from a box of records found in your dad's garage, glowing wistfully with vintage inspired tones rambling organs, fuzzed out guitars, shimmering keys and sprawling drums. Reiter's woolly voice croons with icy warmth of Francoise Hardy, while Halsey's tender Lennon-esque vocals uncoil with easy languor. Recorded with Jason Quever of Papercuts, the band’s sophomore album, 666 sits comfortably between 60's Laurel Canyon bliss and more modern production of Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips/Tame Impala).

We're over the moon to have them performing at DIO Fest this year. Check out their sound in the link below:

Arthur Watership

Over time laced with an array of musical influences and experiences, Arthur Watership has cultivated a unique sound and style that is often compared to Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Scout Niblet. Arthur Watership is the name given to the spirit that comes from the passion in performance; the ghost at the helm of life's journey. Arthur Watership songs are centered around a love of nature, a longing to return to it, and the human mishaps that bring us back. 

The band is built of an intimate yet gently boisterous crew of long-time musicians. This will be their debut at DIO Fest and we're jazzed to add them to our bill.

See their live performance at Bethel Road in the link below:

Madeline Tasquin & Sarabande

Saturday begins with the rhythmically and harmonically adventurous jazz-folk-pop music of Canadian Bay Area transplant Madeline Tasquin. Her lyrics covering everything from the cosmos to river kings to magical encounters with French wind gods to a polyamorous love song, and span a deliciously wide dynamic range.

Joined by birthday girl Hannah Levy on bass & vocals, Shiloh Parkerson on flute & vocals, and a special surprise guest, Madeline Tasquin and her band of magical musical women will be an inspiring breakfast treat to excite your Saturday festival musical appetite. Pairs well with: warm beverage, a blanket, and a new friend.

Give their tone a tickle with the video below:

Tier 2 tickets available now. Click here for more information!