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The Deer, Kelly McFarling, & Loos Leaf - Artist Spotlight


The Deer, Kelly McFarling, & Loos Leaf - Artist Spotlight

Ryan Baesemann

The Deer

Described as transcendental Texas folk and stargaze surf-western, The Deer create psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop. From Austin, they are borne of a densely creative atmosphere, and stand out with their versatile and accessible sound.

What began as the solo recording project of singer/songwriter Grace Rowland Park, the group formed its core membership in 2012 under the band name Grace Park & The Deer, and released "An Argument for Observation." The songs have a dark, folky feel; eerily lilting melodies with unexpected subjects like stalking, mysterious neighbors, and violent clashes. Through the recording process they found a spark lit by natural chemistry, on and off the stage, and they began performing and touring together with alternating guests - some of whom ended up becoming permanent members. Grace’s screen-printed cover art would later rank among Austin Music Industry Awards’ Top 5 Best Album Art for 2014.

They have co-billed with Elephant Revival, Big Thief, Bayonne, Fruition, Wild Child, and Calliope Musicals. The Deer are currently recording a new album, while simultaneously touring across the universe, with a much anticipated stop off at DIO.

Check out their sound in the link below:

Kelly McFarling

Kelly McFarling is an Atlanta, GA born, San Francisco-based songwriter. Her work is reflective of transitions, the wilderness, and its navigation. Sometimes she plays banjo, other times acoustic guitar. Often, she plays a Telecaster fronting her band, The Home Team, featuring pedal steel (Tim Marcus), drums (Nick Cobbett), bass (Oscar Westesson), and various other Bay Area musicians.

Water Dog, McFarling’s latest release, is her most intimate and folk-leaning record to date. She recorded the album in seasonal segments of 2016. The album is a reflection on inward motion; on the way that water and its movement dominates our lives and bodies. It’s about love, trust, and how we come to know the things we know. Above all, it’s about the cycles of nature that have the power to be both grounding and destructive. “While I was writing these songs, I was thinking a lot about family, stability, and love; and I was simultaneously starting to spend more time in and around the ocean. I was getting in the water a lot, and it opened a conversation about the nature of flow; learning to move with changes, instead of against them.”

Tune in to a track off her album, Water Dog, in the link below:

Loos Leaf

Elliott Kay and Lucas Heinel have been making music together since they were children in their hometown of Santa Cruz, California. After Elliott moved to Los Angeles and Lucas moved to New York, to pursue different musical and educational possibilities, the two reunited on a trip backpacking through Central America.

While traveling through the jungles of Guatemala, the beaches of El Salvador, and the acrid plains of Nicaragua, the two old friends rediscovered their shared love for hip hop, jazz, dub reggae, psychedelic rock, and other forms of music. Upon returning to the states they decided to set up shop in Elliott's Santa Cruz home and create music that would encompass their diverse tastes and showcase their respective skills.

With Elliott composing and playing multiple instruments, Lucas recording and producing, and a caste of other musical characters featured, Loos Leaf's music takes listeners on a journey through many sonic landscapes.

Give their tone a tickle with the video below:

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