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Stages, Programs & Activities

North Pacific String Band 2013. Photo:  Sarah Shashaani DIO Collection .

North Pacific String Band 2013. Photo: Sarah Shashaani DIO Collection.


Main Stage

The main stage is located at the highest point on the festival grounds, overlooking the majestic San Lorenzo Valley. This year’s main stage will be featuring an array of epic performers, and is always the source of good vibes. Where legends are made...


The Amphitheater Stage is our intimate home-down stage, where you'll get closeup performances from some of your favorites and new stuff to boot. It’s also the place where some downright epic late night jams happen after hours.

late night

The late night stage is located in the Mess Hall and runs face-melting acts on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:30pm to 1:00am. For a more participatory and mellower scene, check out late night jams around the fest, especially the bluegrass pickers who you'll often find in the amphitheater 'till the wee hours.

dio sessions

The DIO Sessions is an ongoing series of candid, live recorded performances from some of our favorite DIO friends and family artists. Look for the DIO Sessions on the festival program. There are usually one or two held in the Arts & Crafts room, the Amphitheater and anywhere else that feels good. We're working hard to start releasing the recordings and videos from these sessions as they become available.

gitch'r portrit

One of the most epic things that went down at DIO Fest in 2014 was the first annual Gitch'r Portrit Project by Kelly Koval - so many beautiful faces captured on film! Since then Kelly has captured DIO Fest 2015 as well as a few of the shows we've held at Henry Miller Library. Go ahead, gitch'r portrit! Kelly will be waiting for you in front of the mess hall with her 35mm in hand.

live print project

The Live Print Project with Lucas Elmer is probably one of our favorite DIO projects to date. We'll have some fresh designs this year for live printing, so make sure to bring your blank printables (old shirts, jackets, patches,,, get creative). For just a few bucks you'll walk with a unique one-of-a-kind live printed DIO design.

Workshops, live art & more

There is always a variety of awesome workshops and skill-shares from rad folks within our community. Music workshops, arts displays, open mics and more.

There will be bluegrass workshops/jams held around the festival and in the Amphitheater from accomplished acoustic players and songwriters. Also, there will be awesome workshops from artists like Lucas Elmer, Elinor Briedenthal, Emily Meehan and others on screenprinting, printmaking, and more. There will also be live painting happening around the festival and more radicalness.


Jamming is encouraged at DIO Fest! Please do not bring any amplifiers and speakers though. Please bring any and all acoustic instruments and reasonably sized hand drums for late night jams, music workshops, and just any old pickin’. The deck on the back of the Arts & Crafts room is probably the best view on the entire festival grounds and a good place for a jam, as well as pretty much anywhere else around the fest (except within earshot of the stages!).


Report to the Mess Hall to learn more about Yoga at DIO Fest. More info soon…


The pool will only be open when a lifeguard is on duty. Anyone accessing the pool when no lifeguard is on duty is subject to being removed from the festival. It’s really a big deal, thanks for understanding!

Hiking & More

There is so much to be enjoyed at DIO Fest, check in at the Front Desk for more info about hiking trails, family activities and more fun stuff.

Part Seven: Food, Drink & Vending