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volunteer dev


help make dio fest rad

calling all volunteers, artists, vendors, do'ers other stoked entities...

DIO Fest is awesome because of us. Not because some band gets paid the big bucks, or some corporate sponsor steps in and sells us peanuts. We're a grassroots community of people who want to do something epic, give back, and have fun. 

Want to volunteer for a ticket to DIO Fest? Willing to donate some food for the greenroom or some lumber for projects? Down to just lend a hand here and there even though you bought a ticket just cause? Nearly everyone who attends the festival gives back or volunteers in some fashion, purely out of the stoke in their heart,, it's what makes DIO Fest rad. Thanks in advance for your collaboration...

fill out the form and let us know what you're interested in...

If you are filling out this form to work in exchange for a free ticket to the event, please check the correct box in the form. Our Volunteer Manager will be in touch with you asap to let you know if there's an open spot! Thanks...