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Willy Tea Taylor - Chickamauga

DIO sessions

Willy Tea Taylor - Chickamauga

Ryan Baesemann

155303454358436572 (1).png

Anytime Willy Tea comes around hollerin’ his old folk tales, we’re mighty quick to sit down and listen.

Willy’s been an inspiration for all of us at DIO for years, so the opportunity to host him on the mountain was a true honor. Whether leading a bourbon-fuelled acapella jam at 4 am, leaving the amphitheater raw with his lyricism, or simply sharing a smile and a wink, Willy brings an unmatched earnestness everywhere he goes.

Fortunately, in between all the shenanigans, he was happy to take a stroll down by the creekside to record an intimate DIO Session. ‘Chickamauga’ may very well be Willy’s most iconic ode to his tone, strumming away on his weather-worn tenor guitar. This is one of those timeless tracks that defines the gentle genre of folk music. We’re humbled to have captured it, and now to share with you.

His performance left most of us in tears, Willy included.

Hope you enjoy.


Videographer / Editor - Mike Cestaro (Up Above Creative)

Director / Producer - Ryan Baesemann

Audio Engineer - Justin Kohlberg”