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volunteer (2019)


Our Volunteer staff is Full for 2019, thanks for joining the team!

All are welcome to take part in the “we” that is Do-It-Ourselves Festival. We thrive as a community working together, and each person adds something special. Whether you’re parking cars, working with artists or recycling cans, there’s no better work environment than Do-It-Ourselves Festival. Check out the info below and follow instructions to join the team.

Volunteer Info

  • To earn a full pass to DIO fest, volunteers are required to complete three, 4-hour shifts.

  • We cherish your skills and unique experience, fill out the form below to help us find the best way for you to help out.

  • We do our best to create groovy custom schedules for everyone, but we appreciate flexibility and general stoke to help wherever is needed the most.

  • To create a smoother experience for everyone, volunteers must submit a deposit. The $75 deposit helps ensure that everyone shows up and completes their shifts so no one gets left hanging.

  • Volunteers that successfully complete their shifts will have $75 refund processed within 14 days after DIO Fest. A $10 processing fee will be retained to handle Square fees, etc.

  • If you are interested in contributing to Do It Ourselves in another way donation, sponsorship and/or other, please check out this page or contact us here