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Emily Afton


Emily Afton

Steven Stubblefield

If you make your way to DIO chances are you’re going to sit and listen to Emily Afton (formerly Emily Moldy)  play a song or two up on the mountain. When that happens it will probably lead to goosebumps, ear to ear smiles, and maybe even cause you to go and follow your heart off into the sunset. Check out more of Emily at the end of the interview. 

What does Do It Ourselves mean to you in your own words?

Its more than a music festival, because to be honest, I don’t entirely come for the music. I come for the people, and the culture. DIO Fest is a yearly gathering of good feelings, camping, eating, drinking, and incredibly talented people sharing their art with a supportive community. Its SO good, and everyone involved are really appreciative that it happens.

 What keeps you coming back?

The incredible staff and organizing team are dedicated to making it better each year. I didn’t think it could be better after the first year which was so great, but it totally was! So that’s what makes me want to come back year after year. Plus I feel like a lot of the people there are family to me.

 Favorite story from 2014 DIO?

My favorite thing about last year was setting up the “swab” tent with my sister, through which we were able to collect almost 100 swabs of people’s spit to donate to the “DNA pool” which finds matches for people with blood cancer, in need of transplants. The idea stemmed from us trying to help find a match for my mom who urgently needed a bone marrow match to cure her advancing Leukemia. But because DIO community supported us to set up a tent right smack in the middle of the festival, we were able to collect SO many people’s DNA (via a little spit sample) to add to the list, which I KNOW in turn, has helped save so many more lives beyond my mom’s.

Funny moment from last year?

Sometimes when I am sad, I think of Stevie’s rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” [Titanic Theme Song] which he and the band played at the very end of the weekend. The last 2 minutes of the song, Stevie was just throwing punches in the air on a loop, as the “main solo,” if you will.

What bands are you excited about?

Kendra McKinley, Marty O’Reilly, Rainbow Girls, Austin Burns, and North Pacific!

For more Emily check out her website at