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Kendra McKinley


Kendra McKinley

Steven Stubblefield

Photo: Kelly Koval's  2014 Gitch'r Portrit Project

Photo: Kelly Koval's 2014 Gitch'r Portrit Project

Well hey there, the name’s Ian. I like hearing people’s stories as long as they like telling ’em. Each and every person has a unique perspective of doing it ourselves. These are the Ianterviews.

What does do it ourselves mean to you?

Homies getting it done on their own terms.

What keeps you coming back?

A weekend of music in the Santa Cruz mountains with all my friends, what could keep me away?

Favorite story from last year?

Two DIO fest attendees, with no relation, arrived in the same obscure wizard T-shirt.

Funny moments you can think of?

Jono chugging hot sauce to inaugurate his band debut at the friends and family jam on Sunday morning.

A metaphor or haiku that embodies DIO fest?

I think Stevee Stubblefield’s song “catching them croakers” is the embodiment of the DIO fest spirit.

About Kendra

Kendra McKinley is a troubadour for the new millennium. Combining the sophistication of Tin Pan Alley melodies, the harmonic sensibility of 1960s chamber pop, and the seductive calm of Bossa Nova, McKinley creates intoxicating compositions that can bring even the rowdiest crowd to a standstill. Kendra helped found DIO Fest back in 2013. 

Check out her music at